The Crew

Nick Jordan

Nick has worked in the bike industry for almost 20 years, and ridden bikes since he was 5. He loves his work, and rides a Kawasaki ZX10R as well as a monkey bike!

Mike Tarn
Motorcycle Buyer/Store Manager

Mike has worked at Jordan Bikes since 2009 in various roles, including bike sales, bike buying and clothing manager. He now works in motorcycle sales as well as being Store Manager, a role he splits with Nick.

Dylan Barraclough
Motorcycle Sales

Dylan works in motorcycle sales and rides an SV650S. He is a full time biker, not a fair weather one like the rest of us. Here he is trying to bag all the sales for himself. Dirty tactics.


Will Allinson
Motorcycle sales

Will is a keen biker and mountain biker, and his sense of humour is as dry as his wallet.



Nicky Jimenez
Aftersales Manager

Nicky has worked in the industry for over 15 years in various roles, and heads up our Aftersales and tuning department.

Josh Hirst

Josh has worked at Jordan Bikes since 2008 and he does most of our tuning work. If Josh doesn't know a thing about tuning, then it's not worth knowing! .

Steve Harrison

Steve previously worked as the head technician at a Kawasaki main dealer for 6 years, but we were delighted to take him on in 2015 and he's been a great asset since.

Shaun Marsh

Shaun has worked with us since 2014, he's a great technician and has a magnificent beard.

Luke Nicholson

Luke has worked with us since 2007, and he is one of our fully qualified technicians as well as working in our parts department.

Kat Illingworth
Clothing Manager

Kat has run our clothing department for the last couple of years, and she sure knows her stuff!

Skye Allison
Clothing Sales

Skye joined us in 2016 working in our clothing department. She is also at college so we only get her for a couple of days a week. .