State of the art Dynojet 250i Dyno rolling road at Jordan BIkes

Here at Jordan Bikes, we have been tuning bikes for 15 years, and we offer Dyno Tuning at our in-house Tuning Centre, using a state of the art Dynojet 250i Dyno rolling road. The dyno has the latest Tuning Link software installed and is used for motorcycle tuning tests as well as problem diagnosis. With the dyno, we are able to see exactly how the bike is fuelling, all the way through the rev range, in every gear, so it helps us to diagnose a running problem and ascertain if a bike has an electrical or mechanical fault.

Dyno Tuning


If your fuel injection motorcycle is running badly, the Dyno helps us to find the fault. If it's running badly because the bike has aftermarket parts fitted such as a K&N filter or a race exhaust, you may well need a Power Commander fitting or your ECU 'flashing', which alters the amount of fuel that goes into the cylinder in very small increments, in all gears, and at all throttle positions, ensuring your bike runs as smoothly, efficiently, and powerfully as it is capable of.

ECU remap


We also do ECU re-maps and ECU flashing for Yamaha R6 and R1, Suzuki GSXR600, GSXR750 and GSXR1000 and Kawasaki ZX6R and ZX10R Ninjas as well as most other Kawasaki, Suzuki, Honda and Yamaha motorcycles. We can now do the Ducati Panigale 1199 and 1299 too. We can get amazing results and a re-flash costs from just 250 for an ignition and gear re-map and from 380 for a full custom fuel and ignition map on the dyno.


Every motorcycle is different, as they are all just machines, built to acceptable tolerance levels by the manufacturers and built to satisfy stringent worldwide emission laws. Although the manufacturers build tolerances are good, they are not perfect, and so ten identical bikes will actually put out ten different power outputs. Here at Jordan Bikes, we offer a truly bespoke tuning service to get the most out of your individual bike.

For the perfect ignition burn, you need a ration of 1 part fuel to 13.2 parts air for most bikes. Very few bikes are actually running this exact ratio straight out of the factory, and so we can tune it to a far better ratio for you. If you fit a hi-flow air filter (eg K & N) or an aftermarket exhaust, it can cause your bike to run lean which means too much air going in for the amount of fuel, so the ignition is not as great as it could be, as the ratio has changed. A Power Commander will remedy this, and give you greater power and torque, and better rideability.

Here we show you an RSV4 undergoing an AFR (Air Fuel Ratio) power run, to determine the BHP of the bike and more importantly, how it is fuelling throughout the rev range. This tells us whether the bike needs any tuning to make it better, or it could already be close to perfect without any tuning at all.

This particular bike has an aftermarket exhaust fitted and so will benefit from being re-mapped, which involves fitting a Power Commander fuelling module and setting it up perfectly for the bike on the Dyno.

For just 45, we can do the same for you to determine how well your bike runs and more importantly, how well it COULD run.