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Jordan Bikes have been tuning bikes for 15 years, and offer motorcycle ECU remapping services and can re-map or 'flash' your bike ECU if it is listed on our Model and Pricing list. In the past, it's always been necessary to buy a fuelling module (power commander being the most well known) in order to make changes to the fuelling of a bike, but Jordan Bikes now have the hardware and software to be able to make direct changes to re-map or 'flash' the ECU of Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha motorcycles (selected models).

If your bike is listed, then we can make the magic happen. If it's not on the list, then, unfortunately, we can't alter your ECU - but we may be able to supply and fit a Power Commander to get you some good power gains! 



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ECU Remapping - Detailed version

An ECU flash at Jordan Bikes saves the cost of a power commander (£329) which would also need custom mapping (usually around £100). Also, a power commander is limited as to what changes it can make to the bike, but with our re-map, we are able to de-restrict the lower gears, as a lot of bikes are restricted in the first 3 gears to prevent the rider getting too much power and wheelying. We can also alter the ignition timing as well as adjust the fuelling right through the rev range, which results in some amazing power gains.

It's not just about power though.

For example, when you close the throttle on a bike, going into a corner, the injectors close fully. When you re-open the throttle to accelerate out of the corner, it takes a moment for the injectors to open and the fuel to get through, so there's a slight lag before the power comes in. We can adjust the injectors so that they remain open 20%, meaning that fuel keeps flowing slightly and so the power comes in smoother and quicker when you throttle back on again, as there is already fuel there and the injectors don't have as far to open. A slight 'downside' to this is that there'll be a tiny amount of unburnt fuel going through and so you may get a pop or a flame as you enter the corner. No customers have complained about this 'downside' so far!

We aim to get a smooth power curve, with increased BHP and torque, and a bike that rides better with a really good, smooth power delivery. You'll get extra horsepower, which most people are hoping for, but you'll get a bike back with a great midrange that is much more usable too.

People ask 'how much extra power will I get?' but every bike is different, depending on what mods you already have, and also depending on the condition of your engine. Two identical looking bikes will often put out very different power, as they will have been run in differently, ridden differently, and the tolerances that a factory uses when building an engine aren't small enough to make every engine identical, so even two brand new bikes can put out different power. As a rough guide, we achieve about 4 - 8 bhp more for a 600cc sportsbike, 5 - 9 more for a 750, and 6 - 12 more for a 1000cc, but we've had bikes give much better results than this, as well as those that have given worse, so we don't quote exact figures, we just promise that we'll do what is needed to make the bike much better than it currently is, and we get great results. 

Don't take our word for it, here is what our customer Matt Marston had to say:

"They have worked their magic on my ECU. I went for the full custom re-map. After the 2nd dyno session, I have gains of 8 bhp at the rear wheel, this is on a bog standard ZX6R 2008 model. After a long ride home, you can feel the difference and hear it, it's more like a 750 now! "


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